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Professional Tree Services in Rome GA

From the beginning, we knew we needed more than just a high-quality tree service team. This is why we decided to invest in equipment capable of handling every type of tree care service in Rome, GA. If you call us, our team will arrive at your property armed with all the necessary tools and equipment to handle emergency tree services, stump removal, tree removal, trimming, pruning, and any other tree care service you may need.

This is a common question for people who are not quite familiar with tree care. If you are just thinking of tree services for the first time, you might look at your trees and think of handling the maintenance practices yourself. If you think of the risks involved, you will realize that investing in Rome tree care services may be a better idea.

If you are new to tree pruning, slipping and falling is always a possibility. If the tree is incredibly tall, you can always count on broken bones, and in some instances, cuts from the tree pruning tool. You might not have the ability to control the branches you cut. This means that they could land on your house. If you manage to avoid damaging your property or getting hurt, you could end up damaging the tree irreparably.

Hospital bills are not cheap. Repair costs can amount to thousands of dollars. Removing a tree from your compound and replacing it will be worth infinitely more than hiring tree service providers to offer tree care services.

Why Us?

Some of the main reasons our tree service in Rome property owners hire us to offer tree care services include:


Our team has been offering tree services for years. This guarantees Rome residents the best tree care company. Experience helps us avoid causing damage to utilities, the tree, or even your property.


Our team owns certificates indicating that they have already undergone the necessary tree care training. The team can find a solution for issues which appear complicated.


We have the best tree care tools in Rome. Our team knows how to handle the tools. This guarantees you the team will use the tools to do a good job.

This is something we try to avoid. If there is a better solution than getting rid of your tree, we will use the solution. However, safety comes first. If the tree is a safety risk, it has to go. We will remove the tree carefully to make sure that none of your utility lines or properties get affected
while we are offering this tree care service in Rome, GA. In some instances, tree removal is necessary. We have been removing trees, big and small, all over Floyd County for years now. Our tree removal Rome team has learned everything they know from experience. When working with us,
your property will be 100% safe.

After offering to trim trees services in Rome, residents always report improvement on their trees. The reasons why the improvements appear include:
– Improved air circulation.
– The inner branches get to access the sunlight. 

The tree service improves both the appearance and structure. This Rome tree trimming service does not just make the trees appealing. We have used tree trimming to open up properties in Rome. If a tree is blocking the view on your commercial or residential property, we can trim it to eliminate the limited view.

Tree pruning has helped us save thousands of trees in Rome. Some of the trees we saved using this tree care service appeared as if they had to be removed. However, by sawing off the right branches, the trees returned to their previous healthy state. We rope down branches after sawing them off if we determine that the branches could end up damaging your property or utility lines. The benefits you will get to enjoy after we help you with tree pruning include:

  • Healthier trees.
  • Safer trees.
  • We can slow down or increase tree growth, depending on what you prefer.

The tree pruning Rome team works with our arborists to make sure that only the right branches are gotten rid of.

Storms, which are not very uncommon in Rome, usually turn trees into unstable hazards. These trees could fall on your property and end up causing a lot of damage. The trees could even injure you or your family members. Our Rome tree removal services are available before they fall on their own and end up causing damage. Apart from removing trees that need emergency removal, we do offer any other tree care service needed urgently. One of our main goals is to keep Rome citizens safe.

Affordable Rome Tree Services

If you need tree trimming, emergency tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, or any other tree service in Rome, GA, you can always reach out to us. We will be happy to discuss your project and also provide a free quote. If necessary, we will be willing to send one of our arborists to take a closer look at your situation.

When we are not working with our regular clients, we are generally on call to offer the following tree services to new clients, often referred to as by the clients we have already worked with in the past.

Rome Arborist

Our trained and certified arborists offer numerous services, including:


By working with our tree pruning Rome team of tree pruners, our arborists ensure that only the right branches are sawn off.


This will help you determine which trees to plant and how to plant them. Health Care – Trees are living things, it is not uncommon for trees to have health issues. Our team will inspect your trees and come up with a treatment procedure that helps eliminate the health issues affecting your trees.

Health Care

Trees are living things, it is not uncommon for trees to have health issues. Our team will inspect your trees and come up with a treatment procedure that helps eliminate the health issues affecting your trees. If you suspect that your trees may be destabilized by activities which might take place in the future, for example, constructions, our team of arborist Rome can help you figure out a way to protect the trees. The team can also conduct a hazard assessment and come up with recommendations which can help make your trees safer.

tree removal rome ga

Trees that grow well in Rome’s climate include:

Bald Cypress Tree Service

Bald Cypress

Also known as swamp cypress, it is valued for its colorful foliage and water-resistant wood. It showcases an unusual habit of raising conical ‘knees’ from the roots. Bald cypress is deciduous, though the needle-like leaves can last year-round in warm weather.

Maple Tree

In Georgia, many varieties of maple trees grow wild that offers shade and interest to home gardens. The male tree features red-pink flowers in March and April, whereas female maple produces winged seedpods (red samaras) during late spring. Maple tree display stunning red fall foliage that makes them one of the best trees to plant in Georgia!

Sweetgum Tree

Sweetgum is prized for its beautiful star-shaped leaves, brown gum-shaped spiked fruits, and fall colors that range from red, purple, and yellow. This long-living tree produces strong, heavy red-brown hardwood that is used in cabinets and flooring.

Sweet Birch Tree Service

Sweet Birch Tree

Sweet birch tree features yellow fall foliage, dark shiny red to almost black bark that resembles a cherry tree. This tree is popular for the strong wintergreen fragrance of its bark and leaves. It grows well in fertile, nutrient-rich, and well-drained soil. Rome has a large number of parks that offer residents and visitors the chance to spend time outdoors and see these amazing trees in person.

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